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We are world class Khat producing farmers of Eastern Oromia organized under the umbrella of a legally formed cooperative society to create mutually benefiting market platform for producers and end users of our products. Gudina Aweday Khat Producers Cooperative Society works to satisfy the ultimately growing demand of customers in terms of quantity, quality and supplying routes while keeping the advantage of producer farmers as a pillar of its existence. Our head quarter is situated in the famous khat market of Eastern Oromia under the business name of 24 hour operating town, Aweday. Remember, we are the producers of all the finest brands of khat on the world and we are here to serve our customers who prefer quality and fair marketing scheme.


  • Serving the farmers of Eastern Oromia being reliable marketing ground that legally binds producers and legally recognized business entities and end users of our products such as khat, livestock, fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products.
  • Increasing the revenue that the producer farmers get from what they have produced and decreasing the selling price of these products for the end users by shortening unreasonable market chain that have been dominated by so many brokers and infiltrated intermediates who benefit themselves unfairly by paying low price for the producing farmers and sell in extra exaggerated price for the end users.
  • Sustaining and empowering the productivity of our farmers through the adaptation modern agricultural technologies, easing the supply of agricultural inputs with fair market price, creating work relationship with research centers and academic institutions that boosts the capability of producers in general.
  • Assessing and Supplying up to date market information of khat and other agro products for the farmers in Eastern Oromia and creating viable market links that basically secure the interest and guarantee the advantage of producers in terms of selling price, fair business relationship and legal marketing scheme.
  • Creating and ensuring an organizational system that holds more than 50,000 jobless youngsters across products supply, preparation and marketing lines at Aweday and all other feeding centers throughout Eastern Oromia via eliminating unfair and illegal employment scheme that currently prevails and never benefited locally available man power.
  • Assisting the concerned authorities, executives and institutions in controlling the illegal trade of Khat and other agricultural products to maximize the tax and revenue that should be collected, controlling the cheating practice of agents, smugglers and illegal brokers that has been robbing our farmers.
  • Participating in each and every activities of poverty alleviation that encompasses academia, infrastructure, health and social services improvement across localities of producing farmers.


Our Vision is clear and tangible. We actually strive to transform the farmers that have never benefited from what they produced to the level of industrialists ensuring the existence and sustainability of fair market that exclusively shifts who the primary beneficiaries are.


  • Collect, process and market khat and all other agricultural products of our farmers to reliable legal entities and customers by entering legally binding contractual agreements that primarily secures the benefit and interest of the farmers.
  • Issuing legal receipts and get passes for customers who legally purchased the products from us to ease the control of illegal buyers and smugglers that are deployed in such and similar businesses and to let the farmers to decide the market price of their products in fair market ground.
  • Supply our members and farmers of Eastern Oromia with cost efficient agricultural inputs and technologies from foreign and local suppliers and manufacturers in the lowest price possible by shortening the market chain in between manufacturers and end users across Eastern Oromia.
  • Manage and handle dialogues, bargaining and entering legal contracts or agreements with business partners, collaborators and stake holders on behalf of farmers in a way it represents the interest of suppliers and producers in general
  • Manage the effective transportation, preparation and marketing tasks of khat and other major products of our farmers via well-organized system, facilities and institutional procedures.

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